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Having Trouble Understanding Your Teams Wants and Needs?

One thing hear often, is that leaders are challenged with understanding the career goals of their individual team members. Its not always easy for individuals to speak up, and express what they want in life and their career.

As a leader you want to make sure you’re challenging your team not only with the work they are doing, but also, challenge them to improve their skills and build their expertise.

I want to see your passion

I am currently looking to hire two people for my team at Astonish. I need a talented, motivated and creative designer, and I need a smart, forward thinking front end developer. I have a variety of ways to find and test individuals. However, the big question for me is, “are you passionate?”.

If I’m going to hire you to work on my team, I need to feel the passion oozing from your body. It has to be palpable, like extra pulp in your orange juice.

Profanity is Fun

Our universally agreed upon social contracts have really sparked my interest lately. How early, is too early to call a friend? How many urinals do you need as a buffer in the mens room? When is it ok to curse? Its all quite interesting, if you pause and give it some thought.

Personally, I Love Cursing

There is something so satisfying about explatives. Great Fucking Job, Mark! See how much more powerful that was? There is of course a time and place for it.

“I really love cursing a lot, but as I get older, I realize it’s a little unseemly for women of a certain age. But once you pass 65, you can hit it full tilt again and it’s charming.” – Tina Fey

Starbucks at Barnes and Noble: A Missed Opportunity

Today, my good friend and colleague, Jeff Golenski, decided to have lunch with me at Barnes and Noble. We bought our teas from the Starbucks cafe in the bookstore and decided to “brown bag-it” for a healthier and cheaper lunch.

About 3 seconds into unpacking my sandwich, I was approached by a woman (I can only assume was the manager) telling me in somewhat of a rude manner:

“We are not a cafeteria or a library and we have a policy that outside food is not allowed in the cafe.”