WP CreatorCon is a virtual event curated by Bluehost to bring together WordPress creators from around the world. It seeks to deepen connections between the creators and the community, and recognizing the talent and effort of business owners/bloggers and creative professionals.

I gave a talk called “Own Your Influence”. A session that went into the power and pitfalls of social media and how to maintain ownership of your content. It’s imperative that you keep simultaneously growing your content and audience on an open platform like WordPress. Otherwise, you’re at risk of being shadow banned, faux-reported, or maliciously removed from a platform that you have no control over.

It’s important to utilize social media to grow your audience, but if you rely on it 100% to build your brand or business, you’re rolling the dice with your future. This is especially dangerous as social platforms get into e-commerce. They want you to run your business on a rug that can be pulled out from under you at any moment.

In this talk, I share background on the power of the Open Web, the advantages and dangers of social media, and strategies on how to Own Your Influence