A trip to the Museum of Science

I didn’t take any pictures of my favorite exhibit of the day. The Leonardo da Vinci exhibit was absolutely breathtaking and poked me in the most sentimental part of my heart. I’ve always loved da Vinici’s work and seeing his codices and models of his designs was an awesome experience. Seeing it through my sons (whom also loved it) was pretty special too. 

I did manage to take some video and photos of the Butterfly room. 

^ This guy can’t seem to hold his cantaloupe. He’s napping. 

Shining a light in the dark alley of poor experiences

In a world where ordering a coffee comes with a side of haughtiness. Where pizzas are ordered through apps so we don’t have to interact with people.  Where getting off your train at the wrong stop is some how a risk worth taking over having to ask the conductor a question, there is hope.

My hope for truly great customer service is still alive in a select few companies. I’m proud to say that every single Happiness Engineer I work with at Automattic shines a light in this dark alley of poor experiences. Of course, I’m biased, but trust me you’ll know it when you experience it for yourself.

Here are quick links to get yourself support with your WordPress or Jetpack powered site.

While I couldn’t talk about great customer service without mentioning Automattic, I do have another person/company I’d like to talk about.

photo.jpgI’m lucky to be able to go to Herb Chambers Honda of Seekonk for service and I’m proud to call Scott Birtles a friend. Scott is the General Manager at HC Honda and for the last 8 years he’s put my experience above anything else.

I’ve purchased several cars from Scott and have been in the service bay dozens of times. Whether it’s an oil change or major mechanical service Scott makes sure that everyone you interact with at Herb Chambers provides the best of the best in service.

I think all too often we expect great customer service, fall victim to the lack of it, and take it for granted when we do get it. For this reason I wanted to take a second to highlight an individual who continues to impress me and everyone could learn something from.




Testers Needed: Jetpack Plugin Browser

Happy Birthday Jetpack! #JetpackTurns5

Jetpack for WordPress

While our Jetpack development team has been hard at work keeping your Jetpacks fueled up and ready for action – our developers over on WordPress.com have been busy too!

You may already be familiar with the great Jetpack features that utilize the WordPress.com interface: the ability to update your plugins across multiple sites with a single click, being able to view enhanced stats about your site, write new and update existing posts and pages with a beautiful editor, and more.


Now, there’s even more new things to try!

Over on the WordPress.com Horizon, where the makers of WordPress.com test upcoming changes and new features with the WordPress.com community, there’s a call for testers for a new addition to the Jetpack management features on WordPress.com.

They’re currently looking for testers with Jetpack sites to test the new Plugin Browser feature.

The Plugin Browser lets you find and install plugins…

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If I walk up to your door, it better be unlocked

Your brick and mortar space isn’t immune to poor experiences. In this case I should not have to get out of the car and walk up to your door just to learn that it’s locked and you’re closed for another hour.

Your store hours should be prominently displayed on your website and the outside of your building.



imageIt was nice of this gentlemen to prove my point while I was writing this post