404’s for America

I had a good look at the presidential candidates’ 404 pages and they range from genuine and thoughtful to downright nonsensical. I’m curious how you’d vote today, if you had to make a choice based solely on a candidates 404 page. Take a look at them for yourself, then fill out the anonymous survey at the bottom.



Candidates are listed in alphabetical order, not by personal preference or opinion.

Hilary Clinton has Donald’s endorsement

We enjoy a trip to Disney just like every other American Family

Hilary’s page is very simple. So simple in fact that most of the links and the entire top navigation are removed. That’s an interesting approach considering this is the moment when you need a navigation more than ever. Maybe the lack of guidance in your time of need says something?

It’s also worth noting that Hilary’s campaign might be fully staffed by people who had a hard time navigating a website.

“But while you’re here, how about signing up to volunteer?”

I find it interesting that a 404 page is a good opportunity to recruit volunteers?



Ted Cruz – Mmmm Freedom

“Cooked like bacon”

By far the most entertaining 404 page is Ted Cruz’s. I mean the guy literally cooks bacon with a fully automatic weapon, no joke.


I guess Hilary isn’t the only candidate who’s recruiting lost visitors, and it says a lot that “Freedom” is defined as muzzle cooked bacon.

Enjoy your machine-gun sowbelly below



John Kasich – Vote for me right meow!


John Kasich’s 404 page is pretty conservative, but the dude’s got cats. Although, I’m not fully convinced that those kittens are there under their own volition.

I can’t tell if the far right feline is pissed, drugged or just straight up confused. In the end this page is simple, clean and I guess when all else fails the Internet can do with more cats.





Marco Rubio coaches kids on the lessons of losing


This 404 page has a lot of heart.  I was actually pretty intrigued with the layout and message. But after a bit of time on this page a few things stuck out to me.

First, Rubio’s team is pushing the “America loves and relates to Football” message a little hard. Second, why is the thumbnail for the video of Rubio turning his back on us? It doesn’t convey to me the message of “I’m a leader come follow me” to me it says “Whatever, I’m outta here”.




Bernie Sanders – “We can get through this time of need together!”

bernieBernie is the first candidate that actually addresses the situation you’re in. I feel like the rest of the candidates are answering a debate question with a message riddled canned response.

Question from the moderator:
“A visitor found themselves lost on your site, possibly due to an error your part, what will you do to keep that from happening again?”

Clinton, Cruz, Kaisch, Rubio and Trump’s combined Answer.:
“I think ‘error’ is a strong word. I’ve done a lot to clean up my website and ensure visitors have a way get the American Internet experience they deserve. Also my website was made in America! America! MERCA!”

Bernie’s Answer:
“Dude, your lost, and that’s ok we can get through this together, let’s get you where you’re going.”



Donald Trump – “Large Hands Not Found!”

screencapture-www-donaldjtrump-com-jesserfriedmanrules-1457699459698I’m baffled. For someone who loves the sound of their own voice so much I’m surprised that this page doesn’t say more.

I guess you could say that this page “came up short”, their hands-on-approach seems to have small gains? Maybe if the developer built a pay-wall we could have kept people from ever visiting this page in the first place, that is unless they want to pay for it.


Time to Vote

Remember, you are voting for the 404 page you believe is the best fit to be our Commander in Internet Chief. For the purposes of this vote do NOT think about the candidates values, their plans for America or their track record.

Featured 404 image taken by Paul Downey

Happy International Women’s Day

I just wanted to give my champion, my muse, and the most important woman in my life a shout out. Joy is courageous, beautiful, an amazing role model for our son Landon, an advocate, a leader and a teacher. I’m so proud of her and so lucky to have her in my life.

While I should be celebrating my wife everyday, today seemed like a fitting day for a post.

#IWD2016 #PledgeForParity

When thinking about the importance of today keep in mind the following.

Dear Trump Supporter, you’re probably not going to read this, but you should.


Dear Trump Supporter,

I wanted to reach out to you on Super Tuesday and remind you that up until the moment when you cast your vote for Trump you have an opportunity to go back and rethink everything. Even if you’ve already voted for him the primaries you can still change your mind. Don’t vote blindly! Open your eyes and make the choice you truly believe is the best and most educated decision.

Nothing you’ve done can’t be undone.

You still have a chance to make the best decision for yourself and your nation, nothing is final until he’s actually President Elect.

Take the time to really think about what you’re doing. If you firmly believe in the man after you’ve educated yourself then by all means vote for him, that’s your right and frankly your responsibility. But you need to understand that you owe it to your nation and the rest of the world to vote for a leader you stand behind as a fully informed voter.

To those of you who say he is a leader, I can give you a long list of leaders who did horrible and disastrous things throughout our history.

Calling him a leader doesn’t make him the President this nation needs, it just means you’re following him. There’s a huge difference.

And while you’re following Mr Trump, take the time to look around at who’s walking alongside you.

“20% of Trump supporters found that disagreed with the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed all the slaves following the end of the American Civil War.

21% agreed that “whites were a superior race,”

70% wish the Confederate flag still flew above the statehouse,


38% of them wish the South had won the Civil War.

1/3 of Trump backers support banning LGBTQ people from entering the United States;

41% approve of banning non-citizen Muslims from entering the United States.”

– http://www.nytimes.com/

Now that you’ve looked to your left, and to your right, do you still like who you see in front of you?

What about the fact that Trump has bashed millions of people because of race, religion, and creed but won’t condemn David Duke someone he knows to be a white supremacist and former leader of the KKK?

Please, as a fellow citizen I beg you to just take the time to objectively look at your candidates. I’m sure many of you have changed your mind about him already, you just haven’t figured it out yet. Don’t vote for him just because you’re afraid to change your mind. The rest of the world will thank you for it. We’ll welcome you back with open arms.

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I just figured out why Robots are going to take over 

Engadget just featured a great article on Boston Dynamics and their newest Atlas robot. It’s pretty clear the best way to test Atlas’s ability to recover from a trip, fall or stumble is to trip it, and make it fall or stumble.  

Atlas is a pretty rad robot. It’s ability to recover is pretty amazing. In the snowy field it kind of looks like a functioning alcoholic. Not fall down drunk but definitely not having an easy go of it. 

While Atlas is the most advanced version of a humanoid robot it still has a lot to learn. The guy with hockey stick is testing and teaching Atlas but he actually comes off kind of like a dick. Here’s this cute robot trying its best to do chores, clean up and just get around. And here comes this guy making a fool of Atlas in front of the camera. 

Watch the video above, you’ll see what I mean. Now let’s just say Atlas continues to evolve and maybe even some day it gains actual intelligence and free thinking ability. In that situation what do you think the first thing Atlas will do? Once it realizes it’s smarter than its creators then it’ll take control of that hockey stick, and I wouldn’t want to be on the other end of. 

Be nice to robots, you never know when they are going to revolt and take over the world. Written by Jesse Friedman, an advocate for the ethical treatment of robots. 

The Expectation of Perfection & Other Sins We Love

We are lazy. We are impatient. We expect perfection, even when we don’t pay for it. We are quick to wrath when we don’t get what we want. We expect more than we deserve. We are the worst versions of ourselves when we are online and we are the best thing that has ever happened to your product.

Remember when you started building faster websites because users didn’t want to wait 3 seconds for a page to load? The Internet is what it is today because vocal users got their way.

We have to remain empathetic, while designing to delight. Let’s learn from our users and build them the best possible experience every time.

I’d love to give this talk at SXSW 2016 but I need your help.

Votes are appreciated

SXSW_Platinum-2015-RGBI could really use a few extra votes. I appreciate the thumbs up!
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What you’ll learn

  • What do users really want and how do I give it to them?
  • When is a user the vocal minority and when are they actually teaching you something about where your product should be heading?
  • How do you learn from the sins of your users and build them a better product?