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  • Use WordPress blocks to create subtle, but sexy subscriber call outs

    Time: 10 min read Intro: Blocks have revolutionized web content creation, but all those options can be intimidating. In this post, Jesse Friedman walks you through creating a subtle but sexy WordPress subscriber block using reusable Gutenberg blocks. Reusable callouts will speed up your work and make it easy to edit all of your callouts […]

  • No, I’m not that Jesse Friedman.

    No, I’m not that Jesse Friedman.

    For over a decade, I, Jesse Friedman, have struggled with the perception of my identity. While this is not a valid identity crisis – I know who I am – it has been challenging to manage the reactions of followers who “Google me.” My efforts to shine as an expert have been overshadowed by the […]

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    Welcome to the official website for Jesse Friedman, the innovator; not to be confused with heinous men of the same name. For 22 years I have been a contributing citizen of the Internet as an inventor, innovator, author, speaker, and writer. This website is dedicated to you, he self-starter, who appreciates imaginative ideas and advice on how to run […]