Last year I wrote a little script to pull my last Foursquare checkin on a Google Map. In fact you can still see that in my footer.

Today I decided to play with a neat little plugin called Google Maps GPX which allows you to create Google Maps on the fly with WordPress shortcodes and define parameters like style, size and even the source of a kml file.

This was just a fun little test to play with the plugin. My next feat I will be creating some WordPress Custom Post types to house business locations and their addresses then using a WP_Query call to generate a dynamic kml file so I can use this plugin to show the location of all the businesses registered in my site on a map.

I will follow this post up with a detailed tutorial on how to do this. In the meantime enjoy this map made up of my last 10 Foursquare Checkins

[map kml=””]

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