Here’s a helpful snippet. Let’s say you want to add a State dropdown as a custom meta field on a post, page or custom post type. It can be kind of a pain but if you add the names and values as key value pairs you can loop through the array and output the HTML pretty easily.

First get the value of _cpt_state (if it has one) and assign it to $state

if ( ! $state = get_post_meta( $post->ID, '_cpt_state', true ) ) $state = '';

Then insert the below code (all of which is called by the add_meta_box() function). This code will loop through the array of states key/value pairs and echo the HTML pair. Then once the User Admin returns to the Edit Post page the previously saved State will be auto selected.

<label for="_cpt_state">State:</label><br />
<select name="_cpt_state" id="_cpt_state" class="widefat" >
	$states = array(
		'AL' => 'Alabama',
		'AK' => 'Alaska',
		'AZ' => 'Arizona',
		'AR' => 'Arkansas',
		'CA' => 'California',
		'CO' => 'Colorado',
		'CT' => 'Connecticut',
		'DE' => 'Delaware',
		'DC' => 'District of Columbia',
		'FL' => 'Florida',
		'GA' => 'Georgia',
		'HI' => 'Hawaii',
		'ID' => 'Idaho',
		'IL' => 'Illinois',
		'IN' => 'Indiana',
		'IA' => 'Iowa',
		'KS' => 'Kansas',
		'KY' => 'Kentucky',
		'LA' => 'Louisiana',
		'ME' => 'Maine',
		'MD' => 'Maryland',
		'MA' => 'Massachusetts',
		'MI' => 'Michigan',
		'MN' => 'Minnesota',
		'MS' => 'Mississippi',
		'MO' => 'Missouri',
		'MT' => 'Montana',
		'NE' => 'Nebraska',
		'NV' => 'Nevada',
		'NH' => 'New Hampshire',
		'NJ' => 'New Jersey',
		'NM' => 'New Mexico',
		'NY' => 'New York',
		'NC' => 'North Carolina',
		'ND' => 'North Dakota',
		'OH' => 'Ohio',
		'OK' => 'Oklahoma',
		'OR' => 'Oregon',
		'PA' => 'Pennsylvania',
		'RI' => 'Rhode Island',
		'SC' => 'South Carolina',
		'SD' => 'South Dakota',
		'TN' => 'Tennessee',
		'TX' => 'Texas',
		'UT' => 'Utah',
		'VT' => 'Vermont',
		'VA' => 'Virginia',
		'WA' => 'Washington',
		'WV' => 'West Virginia',
		'WI' => 'Wisconsin',
		'WY' => 'Wyoming'
	$selected = esc_attr( $state );
	foreach ($states as $code => $label) {
	    echo '<option value="'.$code.'"';
	    if ($selected == $code) {
	        echo ' selected="selected"';
	    echo '>' . $label . '</option>';

2 thoughts

  1. Hello!

    I’ve added this code to my custom meta box, but whenever I save the post, the State doesn’t save, and reverts back to Alabama. Is there something I’m missing?


    1. Did you create and use a save_post function? The code above is for adding the required html for the form field in the meta, not saving it. All WP Post meta needs to be displayed as a form element and needs another function to save it.

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