Emails, what are they good for?

I’ve been at Automattic for almost a year. I thought working at Parka/BruteProtect reduced the weight of my inbox but in the last 8 months I’ve received probably 40 work related emails.

I’ve also reduced personal emails to 30 or less a week (4 – 6 a day). I’ve unsubscribed from every newsletter and rely on other mediums to get updates.

Friends and industry colleagues get in touch through Twitter, Facebook and other networks.  So what good is email?

We’ve all heard how it’s the new to-do list. I personally use AnyDo for that. For me, I need email to sign up for new services and it’s the last place to make formal digital introductions. That is until you comment and tell me about all the new super cool services the kids are using to introduce your accountant to your mechanic 😛

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